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The Dark Secrets of the Jewellery Industry: What Your Jeweller Doesn’t Want You to Know

Jewellery Secrets That Jewellers Will Never, Ever Tell You

Jewellery is more than just an accessory; it’s an investment, a symbol of love, and sometimes, a family heirloom. However, the world of jewellery has its secrets, and not all of them are shared openly by jewellers. Here are some insider tips and hidden truths about jewellery that jewellers will never, ever tell you.

1. The Markup is Massive

One of the biggest secrets in the jewellery industry is the enormous markup on pieces. Retailers often mark up prices by 100% to 300% to cover costs and make a profit. Knowing this, you can better negotiate prices or look for deals.

2. Lab-Grown Diamonds are Identical to Natural Ones

Lab-grown diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as natural diamonds but cost significantly less. Despite this, many jewellers won’t tell you about them because natural diamonds have a higher profit margin.

3. The 4Cs Aren’t the Only Factors in Value

While the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat weight) are important, factors like fluorescence, symmetry, and polish can also affect a diamond’s appearance and value. Always ask for a complete grading report.

4. You Can Negotiate Prices

Unlike many retail items, jewellery prices are often negotiable. Don’t be afraid to haggle, especially if you’re making a significant purchase or buying multiple items.

5. Certification Matters

Always ask for certification from a reputable gemological laboratory like GIA or AGS. Certificates from lesser-known labs can sometimes overstate a gem’s quality, leading to overpayment.

6. Not All “Gold” is Equal

Jewellers often use terms like “gold-filled” or “gold-plated,” which differ significantly from solid gold. Gold-filled jewellery has a thicker layer of gold and is more durable than gold-plated, which can wear off over time.

7. Sizing Up Isn’t Always Possible

Resizing rings can be complicated and sometimes impossible without compromising the integrity of the piece, especially for intricate designs or those with stones around the band.

8. Your Everyday Jewellery Needs Maintenance

Regular wear can loosen settings and dull finishes. Jewellers may not always stress the importance of regular maintenance to keep your pieces in top condition.

9. Custom Work Isn’t as Expensive as You Think

Creating a custom piece might be more affordable than you expect. Many jewellers will work within your budget to design something unique and personal.

10. Pearls Require Special Care

Pearls are delicate and can be damaged by chemicals, perfumes, and even sweat. Always store them separately and wipe them clean after wearing.

11. Diamonds Aren’t as Rare as You Think

The perception of diamond scarcity is largely a marketing construct. While high-quality diamonds are rare, the overall supply is carefully controlled to maintain high prices.

12. The Value of Branded Jewellery

Buying jewellery from luxury brands often means paying a premium for the name, not necessarily higher quality. You can find equally beautiful and well-crafted pieces from lesser-known artisans.


Knowing these secrets can empower you to make smarter, more informed decisions when buying jewellery. Whether you’re investing in a timeless piece or looking for everyday wear, being aware of these insider tips can help you get the best value and ensure your jewellery remains a cherished part of your collection.
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