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How to Store Sterling Silver Jewellery

Tips for Keeping Your Sterling Silver Jewellery Sparkling!

Sterling silver jewellery is known for its timeless elegance and beautiful sheen, but keeping it looking its best can require a little extra care. You might have noticed your sterling silver jewellery tarnishing over time, even if you take care of it. Fear not! By understanding why silver oxidizes and how to properly store it, you can keep your favourite pieces shining like new.

The Science Behind the Tarnish

Sterling silver is composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals, typically copper. This alloying process is necessary to give silver its durability, but it also makes the jewellery susceptible to tarnish. When sterling silver comes into contact with moisture, air, or certain chemicals (like those found in perfumes or lotions), it reacts and develops a dark patina.
This oxidation process can dull the bright finish of your silver jewellery, making it less appealing.

Why Airtight Storage Matters

Proper storage is essential for maintaining the lustre of your sterling silver jewellery. Since exposure to air accelerates tarnishing, keeping your pieces in an airtight environment can significantly extend their lifespan.
By limiting their contact with oxygen and humidity, you prevent oxidation and ensure your jewellery stays stunningly shiny.

Choosing the Right Storage Solution

To keep your sterling silver jewellery in prime condition, follow these expert tips:
  • Airtight bags: Use resealable plastic bags to keep your jewellery from coming into contact with air. Squeeze out as much air as possible before sealing.

  • Jewellery boxes: Store your jewellery in a clean, dry jewellery box with compartments to prevent pieces from rubbing against each other and causing scratches.

  • Anti-tarnish strips: Add these little strips to your storage container to absorb any remaining moisture and slow down the tarnishing process.

  • Silica gel packets: Toss a few of these moisture-absorbing packets into your storage area to help keep the humidity down.


Let's Get Organized!

Storing your sterling silver jewellery properly doesn't have to be a chore. With a little bit of organization and the right supplies, you can easily maintain your collection's shine.
So, let's say goodbye to dull, tarnished jewellery and hello to radiant, well-preserved sterling silver that sparkles like new!
Now that you're in the know about how to store your sterling silver jewellery, it's time to put these tips into practice. Your jewellery will thank you with a radiant glow that enhances every outfit!
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